Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Meeting of the Moms

Today I met two other moms that are members of the October 2006 iVillage message board I've been with since I found out I was pregnant this time last year.  We met at Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto, which was absolutely teeming with beautiful flowers.  Since we all live in the Bay Area, we decided to get together and finally meet each other and our children.  I met Natalie and her Anna - a very peaceful and pensive baby who was content to look around and take everything in; and Lisa and her Owen, who Tommy took a liking to and whose hand almost ended up in Tommy's mouth.  It was nice to talk to other moms, particularly whose babies were born the same month as Tommy.  It's amazing that 3 babies born the same month could be of such different proportions and dispositions.


Left: Natalie and Anna; Right: Lisa and Owen

- Autumn

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