Friday, November 28, 2008

The Boys

It’s been quite awhile since my last post, so here’s an update in pictures:

Tommy is becoming proficient at the art of time out.  While his “terrible twos” seem to be mostly over, he still has moments of outright testing.  He sees a lot of this corner.

Benji is really good at amusing himself.  Here he has some of his favorite playthings: a spoon and a pot lid, good for both making a ruckus and for chewing on.

Tommy is in a “cutting” phase, where he loves to use his toddler fork to cut anything he can.  Here he is cutting Cheerios on half.  He also loves spending time with me in the kitchen, so this is a great way to keep him busy.

Benji is quite the climber.  He can get up to the second step on this slide, and can climb any staircase.  Getting back down is a different story...

Tommy is spending more time with books lately and is even happy to sit quietly and look at them by himself.  His favorites, of course, are books about cars, trucks, trains, anything with wheels.  Here he is in his ‘reading nook’ looking at a book about tow trucks.